Conduct Disorder

Conduct Disorder

Conduct disorder is a group of behavioral and emotional problems that usually begins during childhood or adolescence. Children and adolescents with conduct disorder usually have behaviors characterized by aggression to persons or animals, destruction of property, deceitfulness or theft and multiple violations of schools such as truancy from school. These behavior patterns cause distinct difficulties in school life as well as in peer relationships.   Conduct disorder is more common among boys than girls with an onset of before age 13. Conduct disorder is associated with many other psychological disorders including ADHD, depression and learning problems, and it is also associated with certain psychosocial factors such as harsh, punitive parenting, family discord, lack of parental supervision, lack of social competence and low socioeconomic status.

Signs and symptoms:

Aggression to people and animals includes:

  • Engaging in frequent bullying or threatening
  • Often starting fights
  • Using a weapon that could cause serious injury
  • Showing physical cruelty to people & animals
  • Engaging in theft
  • Forcing someone into sexual activity

Property destruction includes:

  • Deliberately setting fires to cause serious damage
  • Deliberately destroying the property of others by means other than fire setting

Lying or theft includes:

  • Breaking into building, car, or house belonging to someone else
  • Frequently lying or breaking promises for gain or to avoid
  • Stealing valuables without confrontation

Serious rule violations include:

  • Frequently staying out at night against parents’ wishes
  • Running away from parents overnight twice or more or once if for an extended period
  • Engaging in frequent absence in school.


Behavior therapy, family therapy and cognitive behavior therapy are usually necessary to help the child appropriately express and control anger.  Remedial education may be needed for youngsters with learning disabilities.

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