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An online remedial training program has been designed exclusively for children with Learning Disabilities and associated disorders in India and abroad. The objective of the program is to identify and solve learning, behavioural and emotional problems of children and adolescents. The major advantage of the program is parents can easily identify their child’s problems and provide proper education and training at home. It will improve their learning skills and confidence. This program includes video/audio conferencing, practical sessions, worksheet activities and teaching different strategies in reading, writing, spelling and arithmetic.


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Psychologist Jayesh K.G

Jayesh KG Consultant Psychologist & Remedial Educator

Jayesh K.G is an experienced and eminent Psychologist based in Thrissur and Kochi. He is currently working as Consultant Psychologist & Child Specialist at POSITIVE Psycho therapeutic Clinic, Thrissur. He worked as a Consultant Psychologist, Dept. of Child and Adolescent Guidance Clinic, Healing Minds-A clinic for mind wellness, Kochi. He is also leading the Department of Child and Adolescent Guidance Clinic at CHILD Development & Psychotherapy Clinic, Kodungallur and Olive Health Care, Vatanapalli.

Jayesh undertakes programs to increase awareness regarding mental health issues among the general population with the help of visual and print media.

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